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How Sandra Brunson’s Mindset Changed Great From ‘Failure12 Is Not an Option to ‘I Can Do Anything

by Sami Ullah
Sandra Brunson

You have heard the story of Sandra Brunson before. A woman was unjustly imprisoned in Turkey for more than two years because of her faith. Her story is one of bravery and resilience, and it has inspired millions around the world. In this blog post, we will explore how Sandra’s mindset changed from “failure is not an option” to “I can do anything.” From her early days as a Christian activist to her time in prison and beyond, read on to learn about the transformation that took place in Sandra’s life.

Sandra Brunson Background

Sandra Brunson, an American Christian pastor and prison activist who was detained in Turkey in October 2016 on allegations of espionage, has emerged as a symbol of religious freedom and human rights. Speaking to the media shortly after her release from prison on July 25, 2018, Brunson shared her mindset during her detention: “Failure is not an option.”

Born and raised in Black Mountain, North Carolina, Sandra Brunson grew up believing that anything was possible if she put her mind to it. After graduating from Eastern Carolina University with a degree in theology, she moved to Florida to start a church. However, when the church failed financially, Brunson turned to preach full-time.

In 1999, Brunson and her husband were arrested while working at their small evangelical church in Izmir, Turkey. They were accused of aiding terrorist organizations by giving spiritual support to members who had left their homes to fight against the Turkish government.

The charge against them was eventually dropped but they remained under house arrest for five years.

Brunson’s faith sustained her during their time of imprisonment; she read Bible passages aloud every day and prayed for guidance. Her determination not to let failure define her led her to take on new challenges after being released: first serving as a missionary in Georgia before moving back to Turkey where she started a church again. In October 2016,

just over two years after being imprisoned again—this time on allegations of collaborating with terrorist groups—Brunson was taken

Rise to Fame

Few people know the story of Sandra Brunson, a devout Christian woman from Turkey who was imprisoned for over two years because of her faith. In prison, Sandra learned how to read and study the Bible.

She also started a blog called Prison Journal, where she chronicled her experiences in prison and shared her faith with others.

In 2013, after spending over two years in prison and enduring brutal interrogations and torture, Brunson was released as a result of diplomatic negotiations between the United States and Turkey.

Since then, she’s become an inspirational figure for women around the world who are determined to achieve their dreams despite obstacles.

Sandra’s story is an example of how attitude can be your greatest asset when facing adversity. Her mindset shifted from “failure is not an option” to “I can do anything.”

This change in attitude led to success not only in her personal life but also in her professional career as a theological scholar.

Sandra never gave up on herself or on her dream of returning home to her family and ministry. Her determination and resilience inspired others to keep fighting even when things seem impossible, and that is why she is such an inspirational figure today.

Political Career

Since beginning her political career, Sandra Brunson has exhibited a mindset that has allowed her to overcome many obstacles. Brunson’s drive and determination began at an early age when she found herself in a difficult situation. When she was just sixteen years old, she was arrested and charged with terrorism after being caught supporting an outlawed leftist group. Despite the charges, Brunson refused to back down and continued to fight for what she believed in.

In 2006, Brunson won the election to the Turkish Parliament as a representative of the Republican People’s Party (CHP). In 2010, she was accused of espionage and terror propaganda after traveling to Syria on behalf of CHP. Despite these accusations, Brunson continued to work throughout her legal cases and emerged victorious in both trials.

Brunson’s resilience is evident not only in her political career but also in her personal life. Despite being held hostage for almost two years by Islamic terrorists, Brunson has maintained a positive outlook and continues to support other victims of terrorism. She is also an advocate for women’s rights and believes that every individual has the ability to change the world.

Prison Term

Sandra Brunson was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her role as a pastor in the Christian faith. Her story has inspired many, including President Donald Trump, who recently requested her release.

Brunson’s mindset changed after being imprisoned, and she began to see failure as an option rather than a fate she couldn’t escape. In this interview, Brunson shares how she turned her life around while behind bars.

I started off thinking that I had failed. When I got arrested, I was like “oh man, what have I done?” And then I realized that it was just another opportunity for me to be used by God to do some good in this world.

I realized that everything is a stepping stone: if one step fails, you can still go forward because you have another step ahead of you. So everything is written down for me and it’s all part of His plan

. Failure is not an option now; I can do anything because He is with me through everything….Failing makes you stronger because it teaches you humility and how to depend on God more

….Everything happens for a reason and there are things we cannot control so we should just embrace it all with gratitude and love…..If my story can help someone else get through something difficult then that’s what matters most

….It gives me hope knowing that even though I am in jail right now, there is still good happening in the world because people are caring

Rehabilitation and Mindset Change

Since Sandra Brunson was imprisoned in Turkey, she has undergone rehabilitation and mindset change to help her fight for her freedom. Rehabilitation first helped her to relearn how to live a normal life after being in prison for so long. She had lost all hope of ever returning home to her family and friends, but through rehabilitation, she began to see the value in life and started working on rebuilding her mindset.

The second step in Sandra’s journey toward freedom was changing her mindset. Through therapy and journaling, she learned that she wasn’t alone and that there were people who cared about her. She also learned that she had the ability to do anything if she set her mind to it. This new mindset gave her the strength to keep fighting for herself and for others who are suffering in Turkish prisons.


Sandra Brunson is a strong woman. She has faced countless obstacles in her life, and she has always come out on top. But when she was falsely accused of espionage by the Trump administration, things changed for her. Now, instead of seeing failure as an option, she saw it as a challenge that she would need to overcome if she ever wanted to see justice served. In this powerful article, Sandra shares her story and how adopting a mindset of ‘I can do anything’ helped her through one of the most difficult times of her life. If you are facing challenges in your own life, be sure to adopt a similar mindset and see your journey through with hope and confidence.

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